They Told Me To Quit Sunscreen; I Laughed At Their Face!

Sunscreens are said to be the ultimate protection from the harmful sunrays, but at the same time, people scorn at you and scream out banishment at the thought of you using it. That’s often because they argue that sunscreen is rather toxic and promote the growth of skin cancer. I say it’s all a bunch dark tales. I’ve been a user of Cosme-de’s sunscreens and often avail Cosme-de Promo Code to purchase their products at excellent prices, and I must say, I’ve never been disappointed!
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I must admit, though, I’ve often been questioned about my choices, I’ve also been asked if I even care about my dear life. I do, honestly, I do, that’s why I continue to use sunscreens!

Let’s get one thing clear.

Did you know that if you expose yourself to more UV radiation, you’re actually increasing your risk of skin cancer? Oh yes, that’s why we apply sunscreen in the first place.

However, when it comes down to it again, the toxicity of sunscreens is still in question. When you apply sunscreen, the ingredients tend to seep in and scatter out, but then again, it will actually take time to affect, if it does.

There isn’t an actual, legitimate proof that sunscreens are, in fact, toxic. However, when you look into sunscreens, they help in preserving your screen, clearing up acne scars and bettering your skin. On the contrary, I’ve been told that it’s a lot better to not use anything at all.

Umm, wrong. You may use umbrellas, but then again, it’s quite a hassle carrying them around. I’ve often used Cosme-de Sunscreen, and I’ve always been satisfied by it. Not only their sunscreens but I also absolutely love their cosmetics. From using natural, organic ingredients to chemicals that work to enhance the skin, there’s no way I could ever decide to use anything else.

I’d definitely recommend their products to everyone. Again, the use of sunscreen should be of utmost importance and if you’re trapped in between deciding whether or not you should use it then always opt for the former.

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