Menulog Resolve the Food Issues for Food Lovers

I started off with the new job in this hospital where I was appointed as the junior assistant to the neurosurgeon. I have been part of this field since long but now being at this position was something I was looking out for since long. The prestigious hospital and working under the mentor whose work I admired the most was a chance make my dream come true. The only drawback which I faced at the hospital was the food. And to this one of my colleague suggested me to opt for Menulog promo codes which could make me eat any cuisine from around the world and avail discounts on them at the same time.

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My shifts at the new place were quite hectic ones as it took me whole 12 hours whole day in making things work. Looking after the patients, visiting them and then I have to be part of the OPDs. To me whole day would go by with ease except for Mondays and Thursdays when I had my OPDs and didn’t get a second to look up to my personal needs as well. And all this if I didn’t get the food as per my liking then it usually turned out to be the worst days of the week.

When on a Monday I tried out Menulog as per my friend’s recommendation, being on the call attending patients I took five minutes to order my food. By just looking at the huge selection of restaurants, I got too mixed up and quickly ordered from a Chinese restaurant.

The platform asked for certain queries and with that my order was placed. The notification on my number was received confirming that I’ll get my order in 30 minutes. I got busy in my work attending the patients who were hardy 5 or 6. I was so relieved that OPD was coming to an end and I’ll get to sit in my room for at least an hour. The time when I completed with the checkup of my last patient the staff came to me informing me about the arrival of my order.

This was really shocking for me to get something within such accurate time. I paid the amount which again was an amazement for me as it was too low and didn’t make holes in my pockets. I picked up my stuff and moved towards my room. After getting fresh I opened the boxes and aroma took me over. The taste was beyond words along with the quality and freshness.

At this time Menulog discounts made me sure that they will be always be there to help me out in eating well. Mondays and Thursdays are now fixed for me to have the food through Menulog while there are chances to order on other days as well.

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